The Local Plan: A blueprint for our future

Epping Forest District Council has reached the next stage in the Local Plan, which will guide the future growth of the district to 2033.

The Planning Our Future website is a one stop shop for you to find all the information about the Draft Local Plan and what it means for Epping Forest District.

We held a six-week public consultation on the Draft Local Plan between 31st October and 12th December. We are now analysing the responses we received, which will be reported back on this website later in 2017.

What the Local Plan means to the community

We have been speaking to local residents, businesses, environmental representatives, affordable housing providers and students about what a Local Plan means for them. Watch the video to find out what they had to say.

This is your Local Plan. This is our opportunity as a community to ensure development in Epping Forest District takes place how and where we want it to.

Cllr John PhilipPortfolio Holder for Planning Policy
Epping Forest District Council